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Improve your home theater: cheap treatments for your listening room

April 2, 2008


    Would you like to know how to VASTLY improve the performance of your stereo or your home theater’s audio channels without spending a dime on more electronics? Fix the room! Most people shouldn’t even think about spending $1500 (or whatever…) on a new amp or to upgrade their subwoofer. The room’s acoustics are […]

A handful of great blogs and posts

January 31, 2008


I’m new to this, so permit me the ostentation of an introductory quote. “Every man takes the limits of his vision for the limits of the world,” wrote Arthur Schopenhauer (and a citation would be welcomed); it seems, then, that you must constantly try to expand your “FOV” accordingly. Find below a few interesting links; […]

The beauty and opportunity of the iPod

November 18, 2007


I’m still torn in two directions as far as the progress we’ve made thanks to the iPod (and all of the other mp3 players, i guess, if anybody’s actually buying them). As far as I can see, it has done two things: Everybody now has headphones with them at all times. People steal awful sounding […]