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Interviews with Curtis Schroeder, Group CEO Bumrungrad Int’l

August 13, 2009


Bumrungrad International is one of the largest destinations for international healthcare services in the world. Bumrungrad Group CEO Curtis Schroeder has given several interviews, during which he discusses the business model, prospects for growth, and competitive advantages that exist within the field. …from (scribemedia): Ruben Toral sits down with Curtis Schroeder, CEO Bumrungrad […]

More on the globalized market for provision of health services

February 18, 2009


…otherwise known as “medical tourism;” from Bob Wachter’s blog: available at He writes: Of course, sensitive to the politics, it is unlikely that any of them will flat-out force their customers/employees to travel to Thailand or Singapore. The pressure will be more subtle: with savings of tens-of-thousands of dollars per case at stake, there […]

A Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Report on Medical Tourism

January 22, 2009


Authored by Deloitte and publically available from their global site. See the PDF here: See figure 2 on page 3 and tell me again that a true free market exists for most Americans seeking health care; considering the magnitude of cost differentials (with the relatively small effective “cost” of the travel burden aside), it’s […]

Medical Tourism, part one

February 27, 2008


If we don’t see massive reform very soon, I think this is going to become so huge. It’ll probably become huge anyway, because the quality metrics are so good and the prices are so low that some procedures are almost certain to grow in their ability to attract self-payers…despite however the reimbursement scheme pans out […]