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Summer Reading

July 2, 2009


Institute of Medicine. (2001). Crossing the Quality Chasm. Washington D.C.: National Academy Press. Malcolm K. Sparrow. (2000). License to Steal–How Fraud Bleeds America’s Health Care System. Boulder: Westview Press (Perseus). Robert H. Blank and Viola Burau. (2007). Comparative Health Policy, 2nd ed. New York: Palgrave/Macmillan. Samuel Levey and N. Paul Loomba. (1984). Health Care Administration–A Managerial Perspective, 2nd […]

Management musings from BMW

August 17, 2008


(image from  ) Why should we care? Evidence here: Annual Report to Shareholders, 2007 Creative networking environment: Facilities Design “Flexible” working hours: BMW Leipzig work time models Sustainable value: Report Globalized production: A flexible, efficient, innovative network

Andy Grove on the Pharma Industry

March 25, 2008


I wonder if anything will ever come of this… “When I started Intel we couldn’t make a device twice in a row in the same way. I earned my reputation by being part of a team that figured out why a thing was not reproducible, what you need to do to make results come out […]