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Essential (Mostly) Free Mac OS X Downloads

March 26, 2008


+ → UPDDATE: A great big list of Mac OSX Apps from HyperJeff A huge list, some of which is free…so I’ll include it. File Transfer Azureus from A BitTorrent client under the GNU Public license. Text, Page, and Web Layout TextWrangler from Superlicht text editor for web designers, programmers, etc. It’s […]

More binaural lusciousness

December 1, 2007


Okay, so here’s some more binaural lusciousness…true, the music is a little lame, but it’s got a nice video. Standard disclaimer…no pleasure without headphones, so put it on your iPod nano and bliss out. Seriously, though, this video is great…with it, all of you aspiring recording artists can see how it should be done. Just […]

The beauty and opportunity of the iPod

November 18, 2007


I’m still torn in two directions as far as the progress we’ve made thanks to the iPod (and all of the other mp3 players, i guess, if anybody’s actually buying them). As far as I can see, it has done two things: Everybody now has headphones with them at all times. People steal awful sounding […]