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French press coffee raises LDL cholesterol. Damnit.

June 22, 2008


See an informal summary here (from …and it’s not just french press, either: any kind of “un-paperfiltered” coffee, even espresso, contains a significantly hazardous amount of diterpenes like cafestol; certain diterpenes have been demonstrated to promote vascular disease by interfering with LDL clearance via agonism of FXR and resulting negative changes to endosomal LDL […]

More on the benefits of daily caffeine dosing

April 3, 2008


Yet another study praising the glories of one of the major components of coffee. The study (conducted by Chen, Gawryluk, Wagener, Ghribi, and Geiger of UND) was published online ahead of print on April 3, 2008; it presents results from humans and animals support the argument that the investigators… “…found that caffeine blocked high cholesterol […]

Caffeine and hypertension

March 6, 2008


  (Above: The RNA expresion pattern of ADORA1 (more info here), representing only a fraction of the targets of the components of coffee. Image source: AndrewGNF/Novartis, via Coffee is not a perfect drug delivery system; it exerts effects upon multiple tissues and there are many side-effects, any one of which may be experienced to […]