Deloitte’s 2010 Survey of Health Consumers

April 26, 2010

0 Now available online: Deloitte 2010 Survey of Health Consumers. It covers the following countries: Canada France Germany Switzerland United Kingdom United States (alternatively, download the PDF) Advertisements

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Neat: The Mypressi “Twist”

April 24, 2010


The Mypressi Twist (filled with hot water from the stove and pressurized by a  nitrogen cartridge): Reviewed by T Magazine / Oliver Strand:

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April 21, 2010


i recently designed a series of logos for a couple of student groups at the university. here they are in all of their splendor:    IGPI, the interdisciplinary graduate program in informatics     GISo, The Graduate Informatics Society (they later made me add an additional “o”)    Finally, the Data Mining at Iowa Group:

Data for Health Administrators

April 20, 2010


A distant hope for long-term returns or vague calculations …don’t seem to carry the day in hospitals and clinics facing large and immediate financial losses.-Don Berwick (IHI, CMS) What’s measured improves. -Peter Drucker So much of health adminstration is a struggle to understand what is happening internal and external to the organization, without ever having […]

AP: “Doctor shortage? 28 states may expand nurses’ role”

April 13, 2010


via Available online: It’s a nice discussion (for AP, anyway) of the controversy surrounding DNPs (Doctors of Nursing Practice) and their inevitable entry into the world of primary care. (Please do ignore the comments section, as people apparently love to demonstrate their ignorance of the topic with vitriolic, rambling, partisan outbursts.) Even doubling the […]

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Realizing economic benefits from a college degree: need versus norm

April 8, 2010


via by FREAKONOMICS Jennie E. Brand and Yu Xie find that the unlikeliest male college graduates earned 30% more over their lifetimes than comparable men who earned only a high school degree. In contrast, male college graduates most likely to go to college earned only 10% more than their non-college-educated counterparts.  Brand and Xie observed a […]

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Clay Shirky’s “The collapse of complex business models”

April 5, 2010


Here’s a nice monday morning read–Clay Shirky‘s “The collapse of complex business models” from It would be easy to regard this as short-sighted on their part, but that ignores the realities of culture. For a century, ATT’s culture had prized—insisted on—quality of service. Their HR Department worked to identify potential employees who would be […]

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