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Summer 2011

September 25, 2011



P-SHARAN std35 pinhole camera: photos of Taiwan

June 16, 2009


I picked up one of these cameras at AKAR in Iowa City. It was left sitting on the shelf for a few months, waiting for a reason to allot 2+ hours for its assembly; Taiwan was found to be a suitable excuse. More technical details on pinhole photography can be found here. To see full […]

Michael Yamashita’s “Daisetsuzan”

September 4, 2008


I stumbled upon a really nice set of photos in Michael Yamashita’s “Daisetsuzan” in the August 2008 issue of National Geographic (pp. 92-108). I read here that he prefers Fuji Velvia (although this source is dated, so I don’t know if it’s still true). I don’t know if this article was shot on film or […]

The last update before the start of classes?

August 18, 2008


SeaTac, post-TSA

Making the invisible world visible

July 13, 2008


From Bjørn‘s site: False Color: IR per Diglloyd: Alternative ends of the spectrum: Yet more IR, from

Outreach clinic in Friday Harbor

July 3, 2008


…was fantastic. It’s a beautiful place in the summertime, and especially fun if you’ve got a (speed/sail/zodiac) boat. Go there now. Camera phone photos:

Your daily dose of links

May 9, 2008


Martin Klimas The Gardens of St. Benjamin …and from FFFFOUND: <<< Caution: This site is wikipedian in its potential to waste great swaths of time. >>> …Firefox users: Try installing Linky to help […]