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more audio stuff

December 4, 2008


…perhaps high sampling rate/high bit-depth digital recording and mixing has made this guy into a dinosaur; perhaps it hasn’t. (I would tend toward the “hasn’t” statement.) In any case, a quick listen to  (by far the best sounding CD I have ever heard, anyway, and right now only $14.99 on makes sensible his high […]

How to record like a one-man band* in your room/office/basement/garage for almost free

October 27, 2008


“Yes, I think we’ve reached a statistically significant level of funk.” Anyway, the requirements for Mac OS X: Hydrogen, a free piece of drum sequencing software which works well;* Audio Hijack Pro, a beautiful piece of software that will rip straight from CoreAudio sources, so you can sample web page sounds, youtube videos…anything you can […]

I just realized I LOVE the audioscrobbler logo

September 8, 2008


…it’s beautiful way up there in the menu bar, beside the applescript, displays, and bluetooth menus… …that is all.

I ran into way too much supergreat stuff today…

August 22, 2008


Also these: The diver’s view from the 10-meter platform in Beijing The best firefox add-ons Songbird, a free music organizer Ryan Adams’ success secret, via lifehacker

Radiohead’s House of Cards in Google Code

July 16, 2008


You’ve all read about it already. LIDAR. Geometric informatics, point cloud, whatever. I guess it’s all old tech, but it’s still generating very cool visuals. What gets me is how the Google Code viewer doesn’t let you get “behind” the face. Psychiatrists feel free to chime in on what it means, but obviously the first […]

I like…these ways of exposing myself to new music

July 9, 2008


Muxtape for music that is totally foreign and new to me ( coming quite soon) for recommendations based upon what i play with iTunes

2 things

June 17, 2008


…2… ok, 4 things I barely have time to update this anymore; here’s something brief: from lots more at this site, as well…