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Formatting Pages in Excel

December 14, 2010


The largest excel work I’ve created contains around 30 plys and is over 9 MB. Excel is not just a spreadsheet, but is also great for work that is really more properly done with a database, but is too small to justify the expense. Frequently, it’s used on a much smaller scale as a makeshift […]


April 21, 2010


i recently designed a series of logos for a couple of student groups at the university. here they are in all of their splendor:    IGPI, the interdisciplinary graduate program in informatics     GISo, The Graduate Informatics Society (they later made me add an additional “o”)    Finally, the Data Mining at Iowa Group:

Google Fusion Tables: An Example (embedded HTML)

August 31, 2009

0 Before: After: …plus lots of collaboration functionality. It’s apparently very slow to compute with large data sets, but I can’t wait to see where this goes. It should be great!

I love

May 4, 2009


Science/Health All the top news, selected by Hardin Library., an eminently refined RSS aggregator, listing… New England Journal of Medicine JAMA current issue Archives of Internal Medicine current issue Annals of Internal Medicine recent issues European Journal of Internal Medicine …and much, much more.

Configuring Ubuntu to Dual-Boot with WIN2kPro using WUBI

February 19, 2009


….ohmygodhasbeenanightmare. As it turns out (after much gnashing of teeth), it doesn’t see the second hard drive during the boot, and thus hangs at the GRUB prompt. To address this issue, I had to uninstall from the second hard drive and reinstall onto C: using WUBI. (Be aware that this is all taking place on […]


February 8, 2009


…submitting your income tax returns wasn’t always so easy. Welcome to 1963:

My latest health care executive dashboard project…

July 22, 2008


…is nearing completion. Here’s a sample image. (You can have a copy of the real thing, sans data and formatting,  for…umm…how about $40k. This was a tremendous amount of work!) Click it to see a larger version (about 220kb). JPEG compression has not treated it well; the real thing is much prettier. I tried to […]