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April 21, 2010


i recently designed a series of logos for a couple of student groups at the university. here they are in all of their splendor:    IGPI, the interdisciplinary graduate program in informatics     GISo, The Graduate Informatics Society (they later made me add an additional “o”)    Finally, the Data Mining at Iowa Group: Advertisements

Improve your home theater: cheap treatments for your listening room

April 2, 2008


    Would you like to know how to VASTLY improve the performance of your stereo or your home theater’s audio channels without spending a dime on more electronics? Fix the room! Most people shouldn’t even think about spending $1500 (or whatever…) on a new amp or to upgrade their subwoofer. The room’s acoustics are […]

DIY, part two: Installing HIR lighting on a BMW e36 325i

March 5, 2008


Halogen Infrared Reflecting, that is. You may have never searched for replacement bulbs online before, but trust me when I say that it is an unpleasant experience. Everyone is trying to sell these stupid “SuperUltraHyperMax10000+ Waveon UltraHID Halogen” or whatever brand/model bulbs, and it’s annoying for any number of reasons, including the two following items: […]

DIY, part one: GE gas dryer repair

March 1, 2008


Our dryer stopped heating earlier this week; the electric parts (switches, blower, and belt motor) still work. A service call was going to cost at least $125, and probably more. As far as we could tell, the only option was to go to an appliance store and spend close to $400 on the cheapest gas […]