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June 6, 2009


2 of udon’s tags in Taipei, Taiwan. More:,udon UPDATE: …and now, it’s also on google streetview. cool!   Advertisements

The evils of interior fluorescent lighting

May 14, 2008


Ok, so maybe “evils” is a little too strong. There’s no doubt that fluorescent light fixtures consume less power per emitted unit of perceived light. But, look at this: Not exactly the same distribution, right? Look at those nasty spikes on the short end of the visible spectrum. Jesus, it’s no wonder that things look […]

De Zeen

April 4, 2008

0 is great. Here are some favorite links to or from that site: The photo above is from: Forget “green.” The avant garde is now “motorcycle friendly building”: An auditorium by Serero: The whole room is a gigantic Eames chair: The sheer advertising possibilities blow my mind: I don’t really […]

Improve your home theater: cheap treatments for your listening room

April 2, 2008


    Would you like to know how to VASTLY improve the performance of your stereo or your home theater’s audio channels without spending a dime on more electronics? Fix the room! Most people shouldn’t even think about spending $1500 (or whatever…) on a new amp or to upgrade their subwoofer. The room’s acoustics are […]

Hospital architecture

December 11, 2007


Recently, I’ve become very interested in hospital and clinic architecture; specifically, I’m interested in how seemingly unrelated factors, such as the intensity of illumination, background noise levels, and door handle composition, can significantly affect patients’ outcomes. The image above, from, is of the Evelina Children’s Hospital in the borough of Lambeth. It’s beautiful, open, […]

Wonderful things…

November 18, 2007


Uniqlock. I guess it’s just an ad for some polo shirts or something, but I still like it. Eikongraphia, a blog. Plus, they’re using the same blog template as me; clearly they have excellent taste. 🙂 : contemporary art Art Simon’s instructions for assembling a cheap binaural recording system, complete with sample files. Headphones […]

Light and shadow, part 1: the Tokyo sewer system

November 18, 2007


I was struck by the similarities between this photo of a hall within the Tokyo sewer system (found on MADEBYBLOG>ARCHI.) and the drawings of Piranesi. I guess I shouldn’t be that amazed, considering they’re both just big empty rooms full of columns and shadow, but I can’t help it. UPDATE: It’s known as the 首都圏外郭放水路, […]