Formatting Pages in Excel

Posted on 14 December 2010


The largest excel work I’ve created contains around 30 plys and is over 9 MB. Excel is not just a spreadsheet, but is also great for work that is really more properly done with a database, but is too small to justify the expense. Frequently, it’s used on a much smaller scale as a makeshift table editor.

…so, yeah. We tend to use the tools we have on hand. Excel is not a first-rate page layout application, but it works and is ubiquitous and it is capable of rendering surprisingly attractive documents given a little effort. Whether your need is for a presentation or something else, feel free to use the attached .xls as a guide for:

  • those confusingly arbitrary row height and column width numbers
  • color palette selections
  • font sizes (as far as size goes, 12 pt calibri 12 pt tahoma)

Printable guide linked below: