“What do providers need to start preparing for?” by John Toussaint

Posted on 26 October 2009



What do providers need to start preparing for?

Here is my opinion about the core elements of the 5 bills presently in the Senate and House and what it may mean for doctors and hospitals

by John S. Toussaint, MD
President and CEO, ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value. He writes:

…I would estimate that a 2-5% productivity improvement (depending on inflation) per year is the minimum to survive financially moving forward…

Those of you who have worked in hospitals or insurance understand the magnitude of that statement and the difficulty that organizations will have realizing that sort of sustained improvement. I had the pleasure of meeting this individual both during a symposium in Iowa City in 2007 and during a site visit last year at the ThedaCare in Appleton, WI. Even more impressive than Toussaint’s dedication to performance improvement was the level of staff buy-in. World class.

Find more about his recent article in Health Affairs here:


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