An NYT article on the breadth of informed consent, and more…

Posted on 9 January 2009


on the battle between the free market idealists and the information asymmetry realists:

  • Should Patients Be Told of Better Care Elsewhere?

Published: January 5, 2009

An NYT permalink can be found here.

My opinion? It’s not a free market, and it can’t ever hope to come close to being one, without greater transparency; performance ranking thus becomes necessary for all. It seems self-evident that greater information sharing should induce greater levels of competition as providers and institutions become responsible for their own level of performance. How we’ve managed to keep the system running for 40 or 50 years in a virtually 180-degree poise from this state of affairs still blows my mind.

See also a PDF of the PLoS aentry mentioned in the NY times article above at this link.

  • More Isn’t Always Better in Coronary Care

Published: January 5, 2009

An NYT permalink here.

“Interventional cardiology is doing cosmetic surgery on the coronary arteries, making them look pretty, but it’s not treating the underlying biology of these arteries,” said Dr. Ozner, who received the 2008 American Heart Association Humanitarian Award. “If some of the billions spent on intervention were put into prevention, we’d have a much healthier America at a lower cost.”

What else needs to be said?

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