At semester’s end…

Posted on 21 December 2008


At semester’s end, I can again look forward to thinking about non-academic interests. Finally, I’ll have time to approach the Mandarin-learning CDs that were given to me six months ago. Finally, I’ll have time again to paint a bit. Finally, I’ll have time to read all of those not-quite-relevant-enough-to-course-work-yet-still-interesting journal articles that have been languishing in a folder on my laptop since August.

Today, I’ll finally have time to post on another of my underdeveloped interests, graphic design; see below a few of my favorite labels. (Sadly, I can say next to nothing regarding the quality of the bottles’ contents!)

← something about the juxtaposition of tabular typography and layout with the logo seems more elegant than any gold-embossed script font could ever hope to be.
← again, something about the near-pharmaceutic label typography and layout with the great and imperfect rectangle of color in the center screams elegance to me. clinically beautiful.
← another Lioco, this one from a 2005 chardonnay
← again with the Ridge labels.
← less tabular this time, from a 1970 Chateau Mouton Rothschild. see the links below for more.
← another, this time from a 1974
← and, finally, from a 1969

Recommendations of nice food, beer, spirits, and pharmaceutics labels are welcomed as well.

Click the image below to see the 1945-2005 Chateau Mouton Rothschild Labels (as posted to by user bvargas). They’re all quite nice, apart from the label for 2003 (which is ridiculously amateur, right down to the pseudo-shadow effect on the tasteless font).

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