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Posted on 4 December 2008


…perhaps high sampling rate/high bit-depth digital recording and mixing has made this guy into a dinosaur; perhaps it hasn’t. (I would tend toward the “hasn’t” statement.)

In any case, a quick listen to  (by far the best sounding CD I have ever heard, anyway, and right now only $14.99 on makes sensible his high reputation in the pantheon of recording and audio engineers.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tim de Paravicini:

    • “…The magnetic-particle flow past a playback head is equivalent to a 24-[b]it word, which is amazing resolution…Digital has a “sound” purely because it is based on lousy mathematics. The manufacturers presuppose too simplistic a view of our hearing mechanism…I still do work on the vinyl record; it still can be advanced. The number of vinyl molecules passing the needle every second is equivalent to half a gigahertz.
    • “…the other thing was poverty. Necessity is the mother of invention. If you haven’t got the money, you can’t just go and buy the nice toys, you have to make them, and that puts you in good stead to learn how to do these things the hard way…”
    • “…I did my own summation—and this is from 20 years ago—that if we did 384kHz at 24-bit, we’ll have a system that will resolve on a par with the best analog. That’s the holy grail. And the problem, for the computer people, is having the balls to go that whole hog…People will eventually believe McDonald’s tastes good, if you force them. But there are people who like good food, and go out of their way to look for good food. The same with good music. And music is human emotion, it is every bit as important to us as food, because music conveys everything from laughter to crying to smiling to tears of joy.”
    • “PA: Is Elvis one of your favourites?
      TP: Yes, I would have to put him as one of my top six favourites. Others are Wilson Picket, Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, and a lot of Reggae. But when it comes to Reggae, only the commercial type. Reggae broke rules and did their own thing. I have great respect for the Beatles and also for the Rolling Stones. I listen to Folk Music, Blues and Indian Music.”

…oh, and if anybody has $1700 laying around, get this digital field recorder for me:

Now, for future album purchases:

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