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How to fix America’s image abroad by Kishore Mahbubani (via Newsweek)

December 31, 2008


Recognizing that America can't go it alone is the best way to boost the country's standing.

Required reading for today

December 29, 2008


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At semester’s end…

December 21, 2008


At semester’s end, I can again look forward to thinking about non-academic interests. Finally, I’ll have time to approach the Mandarin-learning CDs that were given to me six months ago. Finally, I’ll have time again to paint a bit. Finally, I’ll have time to read all of those not-quite-relevant-enough-to-course-work-yet-still-interesting journal articles that have been languishing […]

more audio stuff

December 4, 2008


…perhaps high sampling rate/high bit-depth digital recording and mixing has made this guy into a dinosaur; perhaps it hasn’t. (I would tend toward the “hasn’t” statement.) In any case, a quick listen to  (by far the best sounding CD I have ever heard, anyway, and right now only $14.99 on makes sensible his high […]

NYT Op-Art: A Stitch in Time (Ben Schott, 12/1/2008)

December 1, 2008