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Yes, I’ve had extreme difficulty in titling this post. Anyway…see the following via

This is quite reminiscent of some aspects of Cardinal Newman’s description of the proper gentleman’s attitude toward religion. Batchelor also echoes Daniel Dennett’s “Multiple Drafts” metaphor for the mind from Consciousness Explained. In the chapter “Anguish”, for example:

Normally we are unaware of the extent to which we are distracted, for the simple reason that distraction is a state of unawareness. This kind of exercise can force us to recognize that for much of the time we fail to register what is happening here and now. We are reliving an edited veersion of the past, …

So, yes, I’m feeling just a bit moody. Why?

The “Best of” Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

More theories

Be curious, please

Finally, and in utter conclusion, suppose we must accept that we exist:

…in an age where so many smart people seem satisfied with narrow training to get them into a trade, instead of taking part in a shared quest for discovery across the breadth of human knowledge…


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