My latest health care executive dashboard project…

Posted on 22 July 2008


…is nearing completion. Here’s a sample image. (You can have a copy of the real thing, sans data and formatting,  for…umm…how about $40k. This was a tremendous amount of work!)

Click it to see a larger version (about 220kb).

JPEG compression has not treated it well; the real thing is much prettier. I tried to adopt all of the best practices for display of quantitative information, per my interpretation of Tufte. My goal was to allow the numbers to tell a story, and with only a basic background regarding the clinic in question, the story is very apparent. Progress has been made!

It’s been designed with the intent of both electronic and print viewing, unlike many other dashboards that I have encountered; as such, it fits 1:1 on legal paper, with no distortion or scaling. It’s all viewable all at once on any one of the many HD widescreen displays in the conference rooms across campus(es)…and the real kicker?

It’s an excel document. That’s right. Viewable (and editable!) on 97.3% of computers manufactured in the last 10 years! Heavily modified, tons of VBA macros and conditional formatting, etc…lots of work.

Here are some of the resources I’ve consulted:

…among many others!