Finally tried coffee from the Clover machine!

Posted on 21 July 2008


…beans were Ethiopia Sidamo at a Starbucks in Madison Park.

At $3 for a larger cup (16 oz? grande? whatever. i always forget the starbucks names), it was worth it. Starbucks coffee sucks so hard to begin with…so I’m totally willing to pay an extra $1 or whatever after tax for coffee that actually tastes good. It’s the better value.

Yeah, clearly I don’t typically want to spend that much on a cup of dirty water, but I’d heard that other places were charging like $10 or more for a cup, so I had to check it out. Oh, the cheap glories of horizontal integration… Anyway:

  • See details on the fantabulously expensive and rare (only 250 worldwide!) brewing machine here: Clover 1s

  • Review: Definitely not a lot of difference from a standard french press cup…less sediment being the biggest difference, I guess. Very much like a hybrid of french press coffee and vaccuum pot coffee, like from my cona “D,” which I am absolutely in love with but use approximately once every 14 months. Very aromatic stuff! (About the Cona D: I’m terrified I’ll break it! I’ve already done it once…and, at $50 just for a new glass bowl, it hurts to do that..)
  • The company has recently been acquired by Starbucks. That’s OK with me if they start putting these things in all of the stores that they aren’t shuttering. Better coffee on every street corner is a good thing, even if you have to sell (what probably amounts to only a tiny fraction of) your soul to acquire it.
  • Here’s a video of the process. When you’re in the shop, it’s kinda noisy, long, and fun:

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