Radiohead’s House of Cards in Google Code

Posted on 16 July 2008


You’ve all read about it already.


Geometric informatics, point cloud, whatever.

I guess it’s all old tech, but it’s still generating very cool visuals. What gets me is how the Google Code viewer doesn’t let you get “behind” the face. Psychiatrists feel free to chime in on what it means, but obviously the first thing I wanted to do was look outward through his irises, like the point cloud is a mask.

When you try, It’s like it automatically resets and swings around from the other side, almost imperceptibly. Eyes blend to eyes, nose to nose, etc.

Try it. You can’t get behind the face!

Off topic a bit, but I still think some of the coolest visuals come from really old computer generated or inspired animation, like in the sci-pimp “the andromeda strain” (opening titles which scared the shit out of me as a kid here, more footage of comp-gen 3d here, also tragically remixed audio here and here), also tron, etc. It’s scary.

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