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French press coffee raises LDL cholesterol. Damnit.

June 22, 2008


See an informal summary here (from …and it’s not just french press, either: any kind of “un-paperfiltered” coffee, even espresso, contains a significantly hazardous amount of diterpenes like cafestol; certain diterpenes have been demonstrated to promote vascular disease by interfering with LDL clearance via agonism of FXR and resulting negative changes to endosomal LDL […]

2 things

June 17, 2008


…2… ok, 4 things I barely have time to update this anymore; here’s something brief: from lots more at this site, as well…

TED talks: Health Care

June 8, 2008


Ernest Madu: realizing modern health care at low cost in Jamaic …filed under this tag: Medicine without borders Seyi Olesola: Touring a hospital in Nigeria