David Byrne is better at the whole music thing than almost anybody

Posted on 6 April 2008


I mean, who can beat these performances:

…but this band always lacked a really strong bass player; try to imagine the glory of this band had they hired Khumalo…

…and even so, they’re still probably at the top of my list of successful white eighties pre-reaganite rock bands. The Police and The Clash are right on their tail. And Television. And maybe Gang of Four. Where shall I draw the line?

That’s what I’ve always hated about music critics; genre boundaries are totally artificial and hurtful, and I know this, and still I hate it when someone says “So, what’s your favorite punk band?” because I don’t have a clue how to begin answering that question without using that boundary. Like there are great bands within each genre or whatever, but let’s talk about music and not genres, ok?

(It’s the same thing with art and art history, if you’re curious. Don’t be an art history major.)

..and, yes,  the Clash might take the win if I was in a different mood…

…or maybe King Crimson if I was in a rare mood, too…SO indecisive tonight. References:




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