Improve your home theater: cheap treatments for your listening room

Posted on 2 April 2008





Would you like to know how to VASTLY improve the performance of your stereo or your home theater’s audio channels without spending a dime on more electronics?

Fix the room!

Most people shouldn’t even think about spending $1500 (or whatever…) on a new amp or to upgrade their subwoofer. The room’s acoustics are swamping any marginal improvements that the electronics might make; the room is the weak link in the chain.

Fix your room before spending on electronics!

Most of these mods can be done D.I.Y. and require only a little bit of time working with wood, fiberglass, or rock wool. Alternatively, lots of sources offer pre-made room treatments that require nothing more than placement!

Find below a series of links with information on improving your listening room’s acoustics:

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Building or choosing room treatments:

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