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Building a D.I.Y. Binaural Microphone Headset

April 28, 2008


Pro stuff is pricy, but you can build your own. See the following links for inspiration. Instructions, Parts Lists, and More: Homemade Binaural Mics: Art Simon’s “Stealth” Instructions: Another set of instructions: Yet another set of instructions: Wind noise mitigation: Recording samples and advice: Hear some examples: […]

Ok, that’s it. I’m building a tiny tube amp.

April 24, 2008


Ridiculously overpriced DIY and affordable tiny tube amp, that is. Two reasons: The DRRI is WAY TOO GODDAMNED LOUD at 22ish watts RMS (into an 8ohm Jensen 2×12 cab with Webers), even for just recording in the basement. (Perfect in a power trio club gig, though!) 1950’s era NOS Brimar 6v6s sound fat, grindy, and […]

Online calendaring and the fifth circle of hell

April 23, 2008


Nothing gets done easily; nobody is speaking the same language, and everyone is fighting with each other. Some can speak but not hear; others can hear but not speak. This is not Dante. This is the state of affairs of modern electronic calendaring. All I need is a single location to visit when I need […]


April 18, 2008


…a gentleman does not part with his qin or se without good reason… See the source: Guqin at If you read 中文 (as I tragically do not), see: I’ve decided to reapproach my guitar; more on this as it develops. Some inspiration: Joe Pass: 春風:

David Byrne on Edward Tufte on PowerPoint

April 17, 2008


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “what? …why?” Me, too. I guess he is a performer. Anyway, here it is: (Of course, it’s from UC Berkeley.) More on topic: Slightly less intellectual: By the way, I’ve just finished reading (again) both Envisioning Information and Visual Explanations. You should read them both […]

In the light of the recent “credit crunch…”

April 14, 2008


…the following article (from the Harvard Business School’s “Working Knowledge” series) seems particularly revealed. Consumers who are credit-impaired spend more and faster, and they’re basically spending it on things like food and gas, not flat-screen TVs and Nintendo Wiis. Photo by Michael Surtees. Cole et al studied 1,543,553 individuals who had taxes prepared at H&R […]

David Byrne is better at the whole music thing than almost anybody

April 6, 2008


I mean, who can beat these performances: Burning Down The House: Girlfriend Is Better: Psycho Killer: Cities: I Zimbra: Crosseyed And Painless: jesus, Belew was good at the rhythm stuff…but i should’ve known that. …but this band always lacked a really strong bass player; try to imagine the glory of this […]