2008 ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership

Posted on 13 March 2008


The American College of Healthcare Executives hosts an annual conference in Chicago (home of the American Hospital Association, among other healthcare organizations) that features a seminar series for students and executives. I’ve heard that there were over 5000 attendees this year, and the Hyatt was packed! Despite the cold, we ended up staying in another hotel two or three blocks away; still, it was a very positive experience, and I’ll definitely be attending again next year.

Among other interstitial activities, I was able to attend the following seminars, and I can recommend all of them to prospective attendees:

  • S05AB: “The Courage to Lead”
    • Core message: quiet leadership; leading without formal authority.
  • S06B: “The Marriage of Quality Improvement and Financial Health”
    • Core topic: Bond valuation and quality improvement programs. This presentation by an S&P employee was particularly strong.
  • S07AB: “Seeking Perfection in Healthcare”
  • S08AB: “People Power”
    • Core topic: recent tech developments and their application in strengthening the human resources of an organization. A lot of talk about ergonomics, actually; here‘s a little reading on the subject.
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