More binaural lusciousness

Posted on 1 December 2007


Okay, so here’s some more binaural lusciousness…true, the music is a little lame, but it’s got a nice video. Standard disclaimer…no pleasure without headphones, so put it on your iPod nano and bliss out.

Seriously, though, this video is great…with it, all of you aspiring recording artists can see how it should be done. Just imagine that you had the option to edit it with iMovie or soundtrack or audacity…not to mention final cut pro or soundtrack pro, or god forbid protools. There is real potential here!

It’s just not that hard, people. Forget the SM-57s and try something new…like, actually walk around and move things. Make it a performance. Don’t just turn the pan pot hard left or right like a frigtard, as fsj would say.

The Neumann ku-100 dummy head is not even necessary…you could assemble something that would work nearly as well for, maybe, a couple of hundred dollars. Better yet, just have your friend wear a pair of microphone-modified earbuds and plug ’em into a laptop with the fan turned down. It’s easy as pie…all you really need is a decent sounding room–so borrow a church or performance hall at your college.


On a semi-unrelated note, I was listening to the Beatles on my Sennheiser HD-600s–not the absolute state-of-the-art, but definitely nice headphones. Sgt. Pepper’s was playing.

I suddenly wondered about the Beatles and the iPod, because there’s an interesting problem with most of the Beatles recordings.

It’s easy enough to rip the songs off of your CD to iTunes or whatever, but have you ever actually listened to the Beatles with headphones? Something like half of their albums were originally recorded in mono, so the albums (which were later remixed to artificial stereo) have this bizarre stereo arrangement when listened to with headphones, like where John will come at you from one side and Paul from the other, or the guitar only from your right side and the piano from the left, or like somebody’s voice will start on the extreme left and pan all the way to the right. It’s disconcerting, at the least…

from harris audio
…and it’s not at all how modern rock, pop, or hip-hop are mixed. Just totally different. I wonder if part of the reason the Beatles/iTunes thing is having troubles is because Apple wants some remixing or remastering done or something. That would mean changing the music to some (probably minor, but not inconsequential) degree.

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