Ali Farka Touré: Niafunké

Posted on 19 November 2007


I still say this is one of the best albums of the last ten years. Eternal thanks to Riva, who introduced it to me.

NOBODY plays guitar like this guy did…and he was so unbelievably good, man, he made a Roland Jazz Chorus sound good. There are about four people on the planet who can claim to have done that, and he was one of them.

Equally amazing is his collaboration with Ry Cooder, which you need to get very soon (if you haven’t yet heard from it, including part of track #10 which serves as theme music for the geo-quiz segment of BBC’s “The World”):

…and, speaking of Ry Cooder, you are also required to get this album; it is the single most beautifully recorded CD I own. V.M. Bhatt will school us all. Home recording junkies should consider buying several copies of this, just in case it ever goes out of print. It is your textbook. Any type of compression except the natural response of vacuum tubes is NOT permitted:

So…has anyone heard this album? I think I must have it very soon.

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