Emotional trading and universal health care

Posted on 16 November 2007


Emotionally trading stock. On a side-note, one of my finance classes has got me thinking about year-end bonuses for hedge fund managers, etc. They get to reap all of the benefits of beating the market, but bear none of the responsibility when it tanks: they still get salary, and even if they lose their jobs, there’s almost certainly another employer around the corner, not to mention the fact that they’re probably already on about seven different boards of directors. So how does this jive with our concept of responsibility to stockholders? It’s definitely not a parallel to stock-options grants to managers of public companies, which I thought were supposed to be a good thing. So, what gives? Let’s de-incentivize dangerous levels of risk-taking.

I WANT my savings to be there in forty years, and I can live with a percent less per year for that decrease in risk.

Also, take a look at Jonathan Cohn’s case on universal health care.

I can’t say that I totally agree with him, but it’s certainly a well organized opinion.

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